A Night For All Souls 2010

This installation at Mountain View Cemetery is a memorial for those people in
British Columbia’s past who were on the ‘outside’ of society: the men, women
and children who spent time in institutions such as Woodlands Provincial Lunatic
Alsylum, Essondale (later to become Riverview), and the BC Penitentiary.
The memory of these institutions has become our reflection; a reminder of the
ways in which we hide our ‘cultural blemishes’, our societal fears, our attempts
at civilization. It is important for the people who lived in these places to be
acknowledged in some way – a remembrance that they lived.

This project was partially inspired by early negatives taken of inmates from
the BC Penitentiary. These negatives were available thanks to Peter Murphy,
Professor in the Department of English and Modern Languages of Thompson
Rivers University.

Local artists Rosanne Bennett, Erin Busswood, Katherine Coe and Leanne
Currie have an interest in creating visual stories that respond
to the traditional iconic imagery found in the representation of life and personal
histories growing up in rural BC.

A Night For All Souls, Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC

Beautiful Frontier at ON MAIN Gallery

Beautiful Frontier

Beautiful Frontier is a unique installation at On Main Gallery created for Vancouver’s second annual Drawn Festival http://drawnfestival.ca Beautiful Frontier is a site-specific project. Scrolls are suspended exploring drawing as a traditional form and as a collaboration. Beautiful Frontier can be viewed from inside or from the street windows. As the illumination and glow of natural and artificial light sources shift throughout the day and night so does the experience of seeing the work: surface, movement, light and space. Beautiful Frontier is both the title of the exhibition and the name for this new artists’ team. This work combines stories that respond to the traditional iconic imagery found in representations of life and personal histories growing up in rural BC in the 70′s and 80′s. This includes landscape, memory, and nostalgia of growing up in highway towns, Squamish and Westbank.

On Main Gallery is a project room curated by Paul Wong. Recent artist projects since 2008 include Brian Boulton, Brian Gotro, Attilla Richard Lukacs, Laiwan, Brian Howell, Michele Quan, Dana Claxton, and Angela Fama.

Rosanne Bennett and Katherine Coe both graduated from Emily Carr in 1991/92. Over the past 15 years both artists have had numerous solo and group exhibitions. Katherine’s drawings appeared at the Elliott Louis Gallery as part of the Emerging Artists (2009) her work recently appeared in the Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design (#18, 2010). She also studied art history at the University of British Columbia and was apprentice to master printer Thom Pruitt of Tamarind Institute and Graphic Studio, Florida. www.katherinecoe.com Rosanne also has a background in drawing, painting and printmaking. Concurrently Bennett is also exhibiting in the The Drawing Room at the Pendulum Gallery July 17- Aug 7, 2010. Exhibitions include the Emily Carr Alumni Show (2005) and Artropolis (2001). She was a co-owner of the Flower Factory, curating exhibitions at both the Flower Factory and Columbia St. Studio (1996-2008). www.rosannebennett.com She currently works as both production and curatorial assistant for On The Cutting Edge Production Society. www.onedge.tv